Process of Making

When Kent and Haste take the client’s order they will also establish when the garments are needed and the client’s availability for fittings, from which they will schedule the construction process. Once the measurements have been translated into a paper pattern, the client’s cloth is cut. The trimmings (canvas, buttons, haircloth etc) and cut cloth are then given to our house tailors to begin the sewing process.

Tailors who work for Kent, Haste and Lachter are the best makers in the trade, and have worked for Kent and Haste loyally for the decades. A new client should expect three to four fittings from order to finished garments. This process can take anything from a few weeks to several months depending on the client’s preference. It is important to understand that the bespoke process should ideally not be rushed, so we recommend allowing at least 6-8 weeks to give but give time for perfection.