Being measured

In order to create a bespoke pattern Terry and Suyamba take down not only the client’s measures, but they also observe carefully the client’s physique and posture. The client’s impulse in this situation might be to stand unnaturally erect with shoulders back, but if this is not the client’s normal posture it gives a false impression, of the client’s figure. We therefore encourage our clients to stand as naturally as possible while being measured.

Terry Haste measuring with a tailor's chalk

The House Cut

The ‘House Cut’ has natural shoulders with graceful lines and soft construction. This style has been established by Kent & Haste over the years through careful observations of customers’ preferences in stylistic fit. However, clients need not restrict themselves to this style. We have the ability to adapt to a customer’s personal vision and take pleasure in realising it.

House cut work in progress

Garment options

Terry and Suyamba have an in-depth understanding of all garments a lady or gentleman would wish to have in their wardrobe, however conventional or creative. Terry’s 50 years of experience covers an extremely broad range of garments and styles, including the most refined suitings and country garments.  This means that the team has a wealth of knowledge to confidently meet any requirement for the client.

Over the past 40 years the tailoring trade has seen many changes, due to evolving societal expectations and trends, as well as changing preferences in cloth weight. We have adapted to these evolutions enthusiastically and consistently, advising our clients in order to create top quality garments with which they will be delighted.  Needless to say, we are equally happy to satisfy our clients who prefer entirely traditional fabrics and cuts.

Process of Making

When Terry and Suyamba take the client’s order they will also establish when the garments are needed and the client’s availability for fittings, from which they will schedule the construction process. Once the measurements have been transformed into a paper pattern, the client’s cloth is cut. The trimmings (canvas, buttons, haircloth etc.) and cut cloth are then given to our longstanding house tailors to begin the sewing process.

Tailors who work with us are the best makers in the trade, and we have worked together loyally for decades. A new client should expect three to four fittings from order to finished garments. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the client’s preference and availability. It is important to understand that the bespoke process should ideally not be rushed, so we recommend allowing at least 8-12 weeks to give time for perfection.

Where to find us

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